Secure Services

Secure Services is Old Mutual’s name for the suite of internet-based services which gives you the power to check details and transact online. As a member of the Old Mutual Employee Group in SuperFund, you have online secure access to your Retirement Fund information. This will enable you to:

  • View your account balance and membership information at any time.
  • Switch between investment portfolios and change your future investment elections.
  • Access you Member Benefit Statement
  • Update your Beneficiary Nomination Form.

What do you mean, register?

Not sure if you have registered or applied for transact access? Find out by contacting the SSA Service Centre on 0860 60 65 00 or +27 21 503 1710 (outside South Africa). Please ensure that you have your ID number handy.

So how do I register and get access to my Fund info?

Getting access to your Fund information online is a two-step process. We suggest that you check out the Secure Services Registration Guide to make the process as smooth as possible!

Before you register online on the Old Mutual website you will need:
1. A valid email address and your Identity number.
2. Your unique client id number within the scheme you belong to. You can obtain this from your annual benefit statement or in the case of a new member, from the new entrant certificate. If you cannot locate either document, please call within South Africa, 0860 455 455, outside South Africa, +27 21 503 1727 or email: for your unique client id. Please Note that the unique client id no is not your fund membership or user number.

There are two steps to follow to register for on-line access:

Step 1: Register with Old Mutual Secure Services.

1. Log onto and click on login.

2. Click on Register for a service.

3. Supply your Personal details : Fill in all your Personal details and click on continue.(Tick, I have read and accept the legal terms and conditions and not I would like to register to view my Old Mutual Portfolio)

4. Select a password and security questions: Choose a password and three secure questions. Once you have chosen your password and selected and answered three security questions, click on Continue. (Ignore username optional) at the bottom of the page and select continue.

5. User Number Confirmation: This web page, Registration Complete is very important as it displays your unique 8-digit, numeric user number. You will need this user number every time you access Old Mutual Secure Services. (Keep your User Number and Password in a safe place) To proceed, click on Login.

6. Registration Complete: You now have successfully completed STEP 1. And now have access to Secure Services. (Old Mutual will also email you your User number)

If you require assistance with step 1 within South Africa: 0860 60 65 00 outside South Africa: +27 21 503 1710 E-mail:

Step 2: Apply for transact access to your Old Mutual SuperFund Pension Fund (OMEGS) account.

1. Login :

1.1 Click on Login (top right)

1.2 Enter your user number, ID number and the password from step 1, press Login.

1.3 Under heading “Apply for a Service” select Client Services

1.4 Select Retirement Scheme Administration

1.5 Select Retirement Scheme Administration again

Type in your unique Client Number (obtained under what is needed before you start the registration process). This is not your 8-digit User Number or Member Number (e.g. A123456B). Your application will not be approved if you use it here, click on Continue. Secure Services will email your confirmation once your request for access has been granted.

If you require assistance with step 2 please call within South Africa, 0860 20 30 40, outside South Africa, +27 21 509 1006 or email:

We know that the process can be a hassle – so if you’re struggling, please get in touch with the Call Centre on 0860 20 30 40we really do want to help!