Speaking to a financial adviser can be a huge help to understand your finances better. Did you know that you can get tailor-made financial advice from a group of Old Mutual financial advisers who have had training on the specifics of OMEGS and its benefits?

The table below provides contact details for those advisers who have completed the accreditation process.

Region Surname Name Segment Phone Email
Eastern Cape – East London/Mthata Ndevu Songezo PFA 0839503387
Eastern Cape – Madiba Bay Grebe Ian PFA 0795084808
Eastern Cape – Madiba Bay Kieck Sean PFA 0833570077
Gauteng – Sandton Mjali Thumakele PFA 0825716683
Gauteng – Jo’burg/West Rand Zietsman Amanda AFD 0824338528
KZN – Durban Hemphill Craig PWM 0825676204
KZN – Durban Player Janine PWM 0826105610
Northern Region – Rustenberg Kotze Ilona PFA 0795412995
Northern Region – Rustenberg Steenberg Monica PFA 0728472613
Western Cape – CT Kitshoff Elmarie PWM 0836260796
Western Cape – CT Ndaba Mcebisi PWM 0835674470
Western Cape – CT Osborne Vincent PWM 0846610560
Western Cape – CT Rossouw Tania PWM 0824407423
Western Cape – CT Shea Rory PWM 0833757234
Western Cape – CT Walason Kruben PFA 0798835067
Western Cape – CT De Kock Jurie PFA 0824364597
Western Cape – Mutualpark Allie Haniefa PFA 0765765186
Western Cape – Mutualpark Du Toit Isgak PFA 0825747470
Western Cape – Mutualpark Fourie Martin PFA 0824956607
Western Cape – Mutualpark Josias Natalie PFA 0729654142
Western Cape Ally Abdul PFA 0834630388
Western Cape Bawa Akhtaroenisa PFA 0834406027
Western Cape Commin Peter PFA 0785804566
Western Cape Fredericks Mikhail PFA 0731865605
Western Cape Kolele Phindile PFA 0783521484
Western Cape Louw Enrico PFA 0840216846
Western Cape Neff Davlin PFA 0834235255

Alternatively, if you already have a relationship with a licensed financial adviser that you trust, then we encourage you to maintain that relationship.