Customised Investment Plan

The OMEGS JMC has put in place a comprehensive Customised Investment Plan, which summarises the investment strategy of OMEGS. The OMEGS investment structure is based on a system of Member Level Investment Choice. Members are able to choose a portfolio or combination of portfolios, into which they would like to invest their retirement monies. The JMC is responsible for the selection of the investment portfolios available to members and the selection of the underlying managers. The JMC must also select the Default Choice Portfolio available to members of OMEGS.

The JMC has also put in place a Sub-Fund Responsible Investing Policy. The core objective of the Sub-Fund Responsible Investing Policy is to act in the best interests of the Old Mutual membership by recognising that ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) factors can influence both investment risk and return, and must therefore be considered by the JMC in the investment decision-making process. Protecting and enhancing financial returns by incorporating such factors is consistent with fiduciary duty.

A copy of the Sub-Fund Responsible Investment Policy are available to members on request. To obtain a copy, please send an email to and request the document from the Joint Management Committee.